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The biblical story of salvation is as much a story of faith as it is the story of holy mountains. On this tour, you will sojourn the Holy Land from summit to summit, recalling their stories and traditions.


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Arrival to Amman Airport. Overnight in Amman.

In the morning, enjoy a coach city tour through Amman before heading to the Jordan River for a visit of the traditional Baptism Site. Afterwards, pay a visit to Madaba for its 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land.

In the afternoon, drive up to Mt. Nebo and recall the biblical account of Moses looking upon the Promised Land shortly before his death (Deuteronomy 34). Continue to Petra via the ancient Kings’ Highway.

Overnight in Petra.

Spend a full guided day in the ancient Nabatean city of Petra and visit its stunning monuments: The Siq, the Treasury, the Winged Lion Temple, and Qasr al-Bint, the High Place and ad-Deir.

Overnight in Petra.

In the early morning, start your guided hike from the Snake Monument down through Wadi Magtal ad-Dikh: Pass by Aaron’s Terrace and arrive to Jabal Haroun (Mt. Aaron, 1450m), one of the holiest sites in Jordan. Enjoy the panoramic view and have some time for meditation at the 14th shrine commemorating the brother of Moses. Descend and continue to Aqaba.

Overnight in Aqaba.

In the morning, cross the Araba border and drive with 4×4 cars into the southwestern Negev to the foot of Har Karkom (Mountain of Saffron), believed by some scholars to be the biblical Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Tablets of Stone.

Note: The visit is only possible Friday to Saturday.

Overnight in tents at Har Karkom Campsite.

At sunrise, follow a path leading up the high plateau and discover some of the numerous relics of ancient times including shrines, altars, stone circles, stone pillars, and over 40,000 rock engravings. Return to the campsite for lunch and continue to Jericho.

Overnight in Jericho.

In the morning, visit Tel es-Sultan, ancient Jericho, before riding in the longest cable car below sea level up to the Mt. of Temptation. Visit the same-named monastery and the Omayyad Palace Qasr Hisham. Continue to Nazareth.

Overnight in Nazareth.

Enjoy a 4-summit-day: Mt. Precipice south of Nazareth, where tradition holds that angry Jewish worshippers attempted to throw Jesus of a cliff; Mt. Tabor, one traditional site of Jesus’ transfiguration, Mt. Arbel, offering a panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee area, and Mt. Beatitudes for Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Continue to the Golan Heights.

Overnight in the Golan.

In the morning, take the chairlift up to the Hermon Mountain Range (Jabal el-Sheikh) in the border region of the Golan Heights. Reaching up to 2,814m in Syria and 2,236m in the area accessible from Israel, the mountain range has held a special religious significance since ancient times, and is believed by some to be the actual Mt. of Transfiguration.

Descend and continue through the Galilee and Jezreel Valley to the Mt. Carmel Mountain Range (Jabal Mar Elyas) to Stela Maris Monastery, located high above Haifa for a visit of the cave dedicated to prophet Elijah and overnight.

Overnight in Stela Maris Monastery.

Depart from Stela Maris to Nablus, the ancient city of Shechem at the foot of Mt. Garizim (881m) and Mt. Ebal (951m). Visit the archaeological site on Garizim’s summit and meet the local Samaritan community. Inside the city, pay a visit to Jacob’s Well, the Tel el-Balata excavations and Nablus Old City before heading to Jerusalem.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Start your day with a panoramic view from the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem’s east, followed by a walk along the biblical sites on its western slope. Continue through the Kidron Valley to the excavations of the biblical city of Jerusalem before walking up to Mt. Zion, south-west of the Old City with the Dormition Abbey, the Last Supper Room, and the Tomb of David.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Start your second day in Jerusalem with a guided visit to the Haram al-Sharif (aka the Temple Mount) with the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. Afterwards, continue along the traditional Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built upon the traditional Golgotha Rock and the tomb of Jesus.

Overnight in Jerusalem.

Check-out and transfer to the airport or land border.

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Night Hikes & Stargazing

The deserts around Jericho, Petra and Wadi Rum are some of the best places for enchanting night hikes and stargazing in the Holy Land. Follow local Bedouin guides into an amazing landscape and experience the desert life.

Hammamat Ma’in

On your way from Madaba to Petra, enjoy a dip in the hot mineral springs and waterfalls of Hammamat Ma’in some 260m below sea level. Several underground lava fissures heat the more than 100 springs to up to 63 celcius. Luxury spa accommodation offering a wide variety of professional services including mud wraps, hydro-jet baths and showers are also available.


Not only climb mountains, but also enjoy some unique swimming opportunities: the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean cost.


Explore the lowest city on earth and its 10,000 years of history with a guided bike tour through the oasis and discover its enchanting orange orchards, its biblical sites and archaeological highlights. Camel and donkey rides, as well as horse-drawn carriage tours are also available.

Extension to Mt. Sinai

Extend your tour with a few days extension to the southern Sinai Peninsula with its rough mountain ranges, deep valleys and beautiful oases. From Taba or Sharm el-Sheik, drive to St. Catherine Monastery for overnight. Before dawn, start your ascent on Mt. Sinai (2,285m) and watch the sunrise from its summit. Head back to the Red Sea coast for a dip in the water or continue your desert experience with a guided trek on foot or camel.

Fact Sheet

Kind of Tour

A 2-week trail along the mountains of the Holy Land for pilgrims with a love for hiking and nature.

Main target group

Pilgrims and religiously interested travelers with a love for hiking and nature.

Length of tour

13 days / 12 nights.


Amman, Petra, Aqaba, Har Karkom Campsite, Jericho, Nazareth, Stela Maris Monastery, Jerusalem or Bethlehem.

Accommodation level

Overnight stays in hotels of preferred standard or church guest houses, Har Karkom Campsite.

Best time of travel

Spring, late summer and autumn.

Best weather

Mid-March to early May, September to October.

Recommended group size

Tour is recommended especially for smaller groups but can be arranged for any group size.


General physical fitness, particularly if the tour is done in summer.


  • Includes all major biblical mountains mentioned in the Old and New Testament.
  • Includes multiple hiking opportunities of different levels of difficulty and length.
  • Includes enchanting landscapes in the Jordanian Highlands, southern Negev and Jerusalem Wilderness around Jericho.
  • The entire itinerary is based on biblical places.


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